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Understanding Priority Dates in the U.S. Immigration Process

If you’re an international healthcare professional looking to move to the United States under an Employment-Based (EB3) Green Card sponsorship, understanding Priority Dates is crucial. These dates play a vital role in determining when your EB3 sponsorship petition will be reviewed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Let’s delve into what Priority Dates are and how they impact your journey.

Priority Dates: The Basics

In the U.S. immigration system, petitions for permanent residency often require a visa, and Priority Dates play a pivotal role. They are a key indicator on how soon your petition will be processed by the US government, and therefore how soon you can emigrate to the United States if you are granted a visa. A consulate appointment/interview at a US Embassy location is required to obtain this visa. 

How They Work: A Quick Overview

Your Priority Date is the day your petition is ocially filed and received by the USCIS by your sponsor. The closer your Priority Date is to the current date, means a shorter backlog (if any), increasing the likelihood of a prompt visa issuance. USCIS releases a monthly Visa Bulletin online, detailing the current Priority Dates for each category and country of origin (these are filed based on country of birth).

This backlog is more commonly referred to as “Retrogression”. If you are interested in EB3 sponsorship, you will hear this term a lot. Each month it is assessed, and your employer can help you understand any positive or negative impacts the changes could have on your processing times. 

Note: Retrogression does not inhibit you from submitting an EB3 application. The sooner you file, the earlier you can establish a Priority Date, which is vital in your processing timing.

Key Insight: Staying Informed and Prepared

While there’s no fixed timeline for Priority Dates to change, updates are frequent due to the dynamic nature of U.S. immigration. Despite potential delays, the journey is worthwhile for international healthcare professionals. Keep yourself informed and prepared for your journey ahead. ADEX is here to help you understand and navigate this journey with you from start to finish. Apply today!

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