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The ADEX Medical Staffing Difference

Adex is more than a business, it’s a philosophy.

Career planning & Advancement

The ADEX Medical Staffing Values

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Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Aim High with Adex. Don’t settle for anything less than acute care placements at tertiary hospitals.

Unwavering Support

Unwavering Support

Our entire team goes above and beyond to provide beginning to end career and personal support 24/7.

Joining a Family

Joining a Family

Our real priority is you- “The Candidate”.

RN Specialization

RN Specialization

We are RN specialists. We prefer to do one thing for you and do it right.

We Support You in Creating the American Dream

We negotiate the U.S. Immigration bureaucracy on your behalf, efficient and accurately with our in-country staff.


We have 20+ years negotiating the maze of forms, submissions, various departments in the U.S. Government, 3rd party credentialling companies, State boards of nursing, all of which have zero tolerance for filing errors that will delay or derail your petition indefinitely.


ADEX understands that this is YOUR petition and you have the right to be informed about the progress of your petition in a timely manner.

Premium Processing

Always! We have access to premium processing avenues unavailable to the average nurse hoping to immigrate for work in the U.S.A. This allows us to speed up your petition significantly.

Dedicated Law Office

Many companies fail to realize how to take advantage of certain legal opportunities available that can move your petition forward in the most expeditious manner under USCIS regulations.


Full, in-depth counseling regarding how to interact face to face with various U.S. government personnel during the process.
Supporting You Along the Way
Joining a Family ADEX
After you arrive, we must ensure that you thrive in your career and personal life.

Credentialling And Bureaucratic

A full menu of the many bureaucratic credentialling items necessary to fulfill legal and regulatory requirements in order to work at the client hospital site., including; Licensure endorsements, Health clearance, Certifications relative to your specialty, BLS, ACLS etc.

Cultural And Personal

A full menu of all the personal items necessary to begin your everyday life here seamlessly. Banking, Social Security number verification, Phone set up, medical insurance availability, other insurance orientation And many many other personal items needed to smooth your transition.

Training At ADEX University

In order to begin a familiarization with U.S. hospital protocols and procedures prior to your official orientation at the hospital, we will provide you with orientation training at a university-level skills lab and simulation center.

Deployment Procedures

Your relationship manager will personally accompany you to the hospital worksite, introduce you to the hospital’s staff as well as all aspects of the local city surroundings, and help with researching housing options.

Different from the Rest, Ensuring Your Success

Staffing Model

ADEX Medical Staffing

Represents YOU
We are your employer
No fees at all from you
Only earns fees by billing the hospital during the life of your contract
Support structure during the life of your contract in the U.S.A.

Other Agencies

Represent the hospital, not the employee
Sometimes collect fees from you
Earn a one-time fee from the hospital for placement
This “drop and run” approach derives nurse of on-going support
Acculturation & Support

ADEX University – empowering international nurses

Clinical & cultural adaption prior deployment to your permanent assignment.

Our program is designed to support you in achieving personal and career advancement as you begin your life in the USA.

ADEX University
empowering international nurses