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ADEX celebrates cultural connections—Jollibee franchise opening!

It is important for people, especially international Registered Nurses, to feel connected to their culture, even when they are bravely immigrating to a brand-new country to start a new life for their families. ADEX understands this! Every chance we get, we help to enrich your home culture, while also helping to expose you to different cultures that exist here in the US.


During your stay at our corporate headquarters, you will be housed with other nurses from different countries, all here to achieve the same life goals as you. We help to host group events to get to know each other, while also celebrating and honoring your own traditions. International Registered Nurses, cultural connection, and diversity are central to our approach.


A recent example of this is when a fast-food chain from the Philippines, Jollibee, had opened a new franchise location in South Florida. Our team took the nurses currently staying in our corporate apartments on a field trip to visit! This cultural exchange and exposure to diverse experiences are crucial for international Registered Nurses adjusting to a new environment.


Straight from the Jollibee company website, “In the Philippines, there is a term we call “Bayanihan”*, which means an act by which people work together towards a common good.” By engaging in group activities and sharing our cultures with each other, ADEX hopes to empower our nurses through Bayanihan, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. International Registered Nurses will find support, cultural celebration, and a welcoming community at ADEX during their professional journey in the US.


For any questions or concerns, please contact us!: info@adexmedicalstaffing.com